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Steal These Ideas! Stem Outreach

Steal These Ideas! Stem Outreach

It's always great to hear success stories from our sister stations, especially when we are able to STEAL THESE IDEAS and make them work for the communities we serve.In this one-hour webinar, you will:

• Gain ideas that don't require a lot of staff or other resources to engage your community around STEM;

• Identify authentic and appropriate STEM outreach activities for your community;

• Learn the secrets to successful collaborations with station colleagues, community partners, and/or other public media;

• Learn how to convey the importance of STEM to parents, businesses and other stakeholders.

Who's on board for this webinar? Karen Walker, community education coordinator at AETN; Cara Rager, manager of educational training and family engagement at WXXI/Rochester; Gloria Skurski, chief content officer, and Greg Schell,  corporate support representative at Public Media Connect, a regional public media partnership with ThinkTV, Dayton, and CET in greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

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