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2018 Election Issues for Public Broadcasters
From the Archive - Noted attorneys Larry Miller and Brad Deutsch of the Washington law firm Garvey Schubert Barer canvassed Equal Opportunities, the rule and the exceptions; broadcasting candidate debates, from the FCC and FEC perspectives; station on-air employees running for office; station employees involved in politics; IRS considerations; what is “Reasonable access” for federal candidates; the political file; underwriting by politicians or political organizations.
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How Education Builds Station Cume: Counting Invisible Audiences
From the Archive: TRAC Media proposes a Total Audience Model to move the measurement of digital, social, viewer services, outreach, education, and broadcast ratings onto a unified playing field.
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Show & Tell
From the Archive: The NETA SHOW & TELL promotion webinar:  a show case for print or digital marketing promotional pieces such as newsletters, ads, annual reports.
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 Telling Your Stories of Impact-Part 3
March 1: Build on your storytelling skills.
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Professional Development
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