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Reading, Writing, Sharing and Teaching with Media: A Community Approach

Wednesday at 11:20 AM

Your station can become the go-to source for using and making media for learning. In this hands-on, interactive session we will:
•    Dive into KQED’s media literacy service for teachers and students, KQED Teach and KQED Learn, and how to bring them to your community;
•    Explore how WNET utilizes the PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification program as the foundation of teacher professional learning, weaving in PBS LearningMedia and with other school-based programs;
•    Share how you can recognize and incentivise mastery of media literacy competencies and highlight outstanding teachers in your community through the PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification program.

This session is part of the media literacy series and is the implementation follow up to the session with NAMLE and PBS, ("Media Literacy 101 at 8:45 AM) but that session is not a prerequisite. Please bring your laptop or mobile device.


Robin Mencher, KQED, Executive Director, Education
Denise Sauerteig, KQED, Learning and Evaluation Manager, Education
Sandy Goldberg, WNET, Director, Education


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