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The NETA Peer Learning Communities (PLC) help members' staff increase skills, collegiality, and their long-term commitment to public media's education mission. PLCs provide a space for sharing best practices, developing professional support networks, and identifying high-impact projects that members could jointly pursue. NETA's PLCs are Community Engagement, Content, Education, and Marketing and Communications (MarCom).


Meet the 2019 Community Engagement PLC Executive Committee.

Co-Chair • Carolyn Lee Donaldson, WPSU Penn State​
Co-Chair • Laura Durham, KUED/Salt Lake City
Member at Large • Mary Manning Bracken, Iowa Public Television​
Member at Large • Bukola Breczinski, KSPS/Spokane
Member at Large • Kimberlie Kranich, Illinois Public Media
Member at Large • Kristen Penczek, Maryland Public Television
NETA Liaison • Tim Eernisse

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Meet the 2019 Content PLC Executive Committee.

Chair • Suzanne Smith, WFSU/Tallahassee
Vice Chair • Dorothy McGrath, Milwaukee PBS
Member at Large • Brenda Bowyer, WNIT/South Bend
Member at Large • Jack Conely, WEDU/Tampa
Member at Large • Stacia Hentz, WOSU/Columbus
Member at Large • Paul Hunton, KTTZ/Lubbock
Member at Large • Heather Mazzoni, WHRO/Norfolk
Member at Large • Kevin McDonald, New Mexico PBS
Member at Large • Sherri Walton, Idaho Public Television
Member at Large • Mike Tobias, NET Nebraska
NETA Liaison • Angee Simmons

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Meet the 2019 Education PLC Executive Committee.

Chair • Cindy Kirk, Alabama Public Television
Vice Chair • Betsy Peisach, Maryland Public Television
Past Chair • Tonya Crum, Kentucky Educational Television
Member at Large • Elise Brimhall, KUED/Salt Lake City
Member at Large • Susana (Susie) Beltran Grimm, PBS SoCal
Member at Large • Ken Harrison, Iowa Public Television
Member at Large • Tim Stack, Utah Education Network/KUEN
Member at Large • Tim Wollenzien, Prairie Public Broadcasting
Member at Large • Laurel Wyckoff, New Mexico PBS
NETA Liaison • Rachel Morrison Parsons

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Meet the 2019 Marketing & Communications PLC Executive Committee.

Chair • Olivia Wong, WETA/Arlington
Vice Chair • MiChelle Jones, Nashville Public Television
Past Chair • Jennifer Amend, WyomingPBS
Member at Large • Carole Burns, Milwaukee PBS
Member at Large • Avery Hutchins, WCTE/Cookeville
Member at Large • Amanda Krenos, KCPT/Kansas City
Member at Large • Laura Menking, KERA/Dallas
Member at Large • Sandy McBride, Idaho Public Television
Member at Large • Cameron Risher, NET-Nebraska
Member at Large • Evy Todd, New Mexico PBS
Member at Large • Sondra Wachtel, Vegas PBS
NETA Liaison • Jennifer Fisher 

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Rachel Morrison Parsons

Senior Director, Education Strategy




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