NETA Main Office

 803-799-5517 main number
 Mailing:  PO Box 50008, Columbia, SC 29250  803-771-4831  fax number
 Office Location: 939 S. Stadium Road, Columbia, SC 29201  803-779-5553  fax  Business Center

 Staff Directory
  • Administration
  •      Skip Hinton, President 803-978-1581 direct line
  • Business Center       Outsourced accounting functions, financial reporting, grant compliance, audit support and more
  •      Anita Sims, Vice President, Finance & Business Development 803-978-1563 direct line
         Karen Button, Senior Controller 803-978-1587 direct line
         David Crouch, Senior Controller 803-978-1570 direct line
         Larry Dankner, Senior Controller 803-978-1590 direct line
         Albernel Jones, Senior Controller 803-978-1561 direct line
         Kathy Bare, Controller 803-978-1595 direct line
         Keona Davis-Clark, Controller 803-978-1571 direct line
         Kristy Galloway, Controller 803-978-1572 direct line
         Neal Kittredge-Boles, Controller 803-978-1588 direct line
         Laura Lesslie, Controller 803-978-1591 direct line
         Steven Mandel, Controller / APSO Healthcare Insurance 803-978-1589 direct line
         Teresa Bobesink, Staff Accountant 803-978-1584 direct line
         Melissa Drayton, Staff Accountant 803-978-1568 direct line
         Barbara Dunnigan, Staff Accountant 803-978-1564 direct line
         Laura Higgins, Staff Accountant 803-978-1562 direct line
         Iris Lo, Senior Accountant 803-978-1575 direct line
         Stacy Marcus, Staff Accountant 803-978-1583 direct line
         Clarissa Turner-Bradley, Staff Accountant 803-978-1577 direct line
         Payroll & HR  
         Mark Everett, HR Specialist and Payroll 803-978-1586 direct line
         Jennifer Dennis, Payroll Coordinator 803-978-1592 direct line
         Al Drakes, IT Business Manager 803-978-1560 direct line
         Daniel Estevez, IT Assistant 803-978-1580 direct line
         Darlene Amick, Administrative Assistant 803-978-1569 direct line
         Beck Frazier, Administrative Assistant 803-978-1565 direct line
         Casey Sims, Administrative Assistant 803-978-1567 direct line
         Maryanne Schuessler, Senior Internal Administrator 803-978-1579 direct line
  • Conference Services                   Meeting registrar, venue contracts
  •      Tinia Milhouse, Director of Conference Services 803-978-1585 direct line
  • Education & Professional Development                    NETA Councils, webinars, annual conference content
  •       John Chambers, Director of Education & Professional Development 803-978-1576 direct line
          Lisa Lehman, Professional Development Manager
    803-978-1578  direct line
  • Operations: Satellite feeds, tape library bookings
          Greg Tillou, Director of Network Operations 803-978-1574 direct line
          Daniel Estevez, Operations Assistant 803-978-1580 direct line
  • Program Service      General audience & pledge programming, program submission, producer coaching; NETA Awards
  •       Gayle Loeber, Director of Programming 803-978-1573 direct line
          Bob Petts, Program Development Manager
    803-978-1566 direct line
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