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NOLA Code: TWAG 00600 H1
Program Length: 5/30
Format: HD
Version: Base
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
SAP: None
V-Chip: TV-G
Short Description: Twice as Good is a cooking show for kids featuring twin sisters Hadley and Delaney which uses its recipes and ingredients as a platform to teach geography, science, history, and more. The sixth season includes episodes filmed in South Africa, New Mexico, Seattle, New York, and Iceland. Together, the five episodes of season six introduce the viewer to varied food traditions while serving up geography, history, and nutritional facts along the way.
Tag: For more information about the dishes prepared on today’s show including a listing of ingredients and the recipes, please visit TwiceAsGoodShow.com.
Broadcast Rights: U/3YRS
School Rights: 1YR
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: Yes
VOD Rights Type: Concurrent w/broadcast rights
Rights Period: 01-Jan-18 to 31-Dec-20
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: Twice As Good Productions
73 Greentree Drive; #602
Dover, DE 19904
Presenter: New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV)
Date Produced: 2017
Funding: Miele Cuties Kitchenworks
Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: http://twiceasgoodshow.com