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46ERS, THE   
NOLA Code: FRSX 00 H1
Program Length: 1/60
Format: HD
Version: Base
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: 5.1
SAP: None
V-Chip: TV-G
Short Description: The 46ers is a feature film that captures the imagination and inspiration of those who know scaling the 46 Adirondack Mountain High Peaks in northern New York State as a life-changing experience. The film explores the history of the men and women of the 46ers, a group that supports the hiking and preservation of the high peaks through all seasons. As spectacular as the vistas are as seen atop the High Peaks including Marcy, Cascade and Porter, so are the stories of individuals who embark on this incredible and sometimes treacherous journey. What makes them climb? What keeps them coming back year after year?
Tag: To order a DVD copy of The 46ers for $24.95 (+$3.00 s/h), or Blu-ray ($34.95 + $3.00 s/h) visit www.wcny.org/46ers.
Broadcast Rights: U/3YRS
School Rights: None
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: No
VOD Rights Type:
Rights Period: 13-Nov-17 to 12-Nov-20
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: Blake Cortright
Presenter: WCNY
Date Produced: 2015

Eastern Mountain Sports
Lake Placid Club
Nirvana Water
Shiu-Kai Chin
ADK High Peaks Foundation
Tmax-n-Topo’s Hostel
Fagan Associates
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort
Additional Funders TBA.
A complete list of funders is available at http://www.wcny.org/television/46ers /

Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: http://www.wcny.org/television/46ers/