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NOLA Code: PTNL 00 H1
Program Length: 1/60
Format: HD
Version: Base
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
SAP: None
V-Chip: TV-G
Short Description: America loves its unexpected heroines – the women who become the lightening rod that calls attention to wrong doings – the Norma Raes and Erin Brockoviches of our times – the women who unintentionally have found themselves at the center of movements to protect the health and welfare of all Americans.

And now Van Hoang joins their ranks. A Vietnamese immigrant and nail salon owner in the blue-collar, Mission District of San Francisco, Van sees her American dream begin to crumble with the discovery that her health problems, which include two heartbreaking miscarriages, are the result of the toxic chemicals in products used in her salon.

PAINTED NAILS follows Van as she unintentionally becomes involved in the national fight for safe cosmetics, an industry that has had no oversight or legislation for safety since 1938. In a well-told and beautifully crafted film, viewers will cheer the shy Van on as she becomes a key catalyst in the fight to bring reform to an $8.54 billion industry that touches the lives of nearly every woman in America.

Broadcast Rights: U/2YRS
School Rights: 7 Days
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: No
VOD Rights Type:
Rights Period: 29-Apr-17 to 28-Apr-19
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: Erica Jordan & Dianne Griffin
15 Seal Rock Drive
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: (415) 505-1366
Date Produced: 2016, 2017
Funding: Zachariah Miller & Priscilla Reagan
Leslie Gruss
Kit Everts
Drusie Davis Family Fund
Donatello Bonato
Marina Torbey
Puffin Foundation, Ltd
Linda Mornell
Falletti & Baldocchi Finer Foods, Inc
Rhea Davidson
Equal Exchange
Desmond Everts, Ann Nore, Rob Everts, John Bloom, John Everts, Sophie Yost, Christine Scheerder, Irene Cohn, Hadley Northrop, Rob Constantine, Robert Burrill, John & Santi Casten, Sabra Chambless, Hiroshi Yoshida, Debra Biba. Robert Brownstone &Laurie Moore, Margot Jordan, Hang Le To, Mark Adler Bruno Bier, Janice Griffin, Tony Vidal, Joann Avila, Ted Sanchez, Jakob Friderichs, Richard Ryan, Rose Bloom, Alissa Cohan, Normandie Ramirez, Patricia Creedy, Laurien Migchelbrink, John Antonelli, Nan Webb, Lee Safran, Gail J Silva, Christine Fulton, Aria & Farrid Atai, David Gonzalez, Alireza Ataei, Patrick Terrizzi Kee Kille, Kim Jordan, TC Culberson, Tom Baker, Jennifer L Press, Hans Huyer, Laura Blakely, Dianne Kirchner, Judy Ahmadian, Chi Kin Wai, Tony Merritt, Laura Burges, Hamilton Everts, Su Chen Hung, Mary Broderick, Dick Rudolff, Carol Beaver, Robert Glover, Renaud Lhomme, Jihyun Weber, Macy Migchelbrink, Karen S Puppenstube, Tom Halvarjian, MY-HOA LE, Susan Hatley, Nancy Terzian, Laudan Kermani, John O'Connell, Rhonda Felzmann, Michael Groh, Ed Herrmann, Janet Roitz, Katherine Kodama, Patricia Williams-Butler, Constance Mardikian, Richard McKee, Mark Griffin, Jeanne Finley Montgomery, Danvy Le, Russell Johnson, Alex Gurevich, Amara Tabor Smith, Brenda OSullivan, Kate Pittard, Kenji Yamamoto, Barry Stone, Jennine Lanouette, Mark Tuschman, Michael Cavanaugh, William Farley,Wayne Leonard, Adrian Smith, Simon Conheady, Ann Frankel, Franklin Simeone, The Wilburs, Kimberley Webster, Nanci Scoular, Samantha Schoech, Thomas Apodaca, Peter Williams, Sabine Baumgarthuber, Susan Hara, Karen Mitchell, Patricia Le Pera, Rosalind Sarah, Michele Dennis, Betty Meissner, Tom Schneider, Reonne Haslett, Hae Yuon Kim, Robin N Griffin, Delfina Piretti, Margo Frank, Peter Avildsen, Charles Wilmouth, Margarete Simmons, Lisa Johnson, Larsen Katie Antoinette, Anna-Mae Chin, Hagit Cohen, Jennifer Gandy, Genea Barnes, Jed Bell, Christopher Hsiang, Mariella deMey, Deborah Garfinkle, Shannon Shanahan, Wesley Chiu, Blanche J Bebb, Judith Rubin, Jaynee Howe Underwriting: Local underwriting is
Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: paintednailsmovie.com