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NOLA Code: CREW 0300 H1
Program Length: 10/30
Format: HD
Version: Base
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
SAP: None
V-Chip: TV-G
Short Description: Rob Stephenson and inquisitive kids take a hands-on approach to scientific exploration.
Tag: Get your Curiosity Guide and see more programs at WKAR.ORG
Broadcast Rights: U/3YRS
School Rights: 3YRS
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: Yes
VOD Rights Type: Concurrent w/broadcast rights
Rights Period: 19-May-17 to 18-May-20
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: WKAR-TV
283 Communication Arts & Sciences Bldg. Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1212
Phone: (517) 432-9527
Date Produced: January - Marc 2017

ITEC - Information Technology Empowerment Center
John E. Fetzer Institute Fund of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: http://video.wkar.org/show/curious-crew/