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NOLA Code: BYAR 00 H1
Program Length: 1/60
Format: HD
Version: Base
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
SAP: None
V-Chip: TV-G
Short Description: A film centering on the efforts to give appropriate legal rights to whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The film discusses the unique human-like qualities these animals posses and the difficulties they face in dealing with many human activities. Narrated by Mike Farrell.
Flags: 17:05-17:31 a short clip of the tuna fishing operation where dolphins are sometimes killed but all we show is an underwater scene of dolphins swimming with tuna ... no deaths, no harm to the animals. 35:43-35:49 a short historical clip (from the 1960s) of killer whales in a net; the first killer whale captures. But this is a very short clip (perhaps 10 seconds) and none of the whales is harmed. 42:28-42:49 a few still photos of beaked whales stranded on a beach that died from the Navy's use of sonar
Broadcast Rights: Unlimited
School Rights: 2YRS
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: Yes
VOD Rights Type: 30 days
Rights Period: 08-Apr-17 to 07-Apr-19
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: Stan Minasian
336 Bon Air Center, Ste 155
Greenbrae, CA 94904
Phone: (415) 775-4636
Date Produced: 2016
Funding: The Summerlee Foundation
Joshua Floum
Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: http://earthviewsproductions.com/