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JUDY COLLINS - A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim   
NOLA Code: JDLL 00 H1
Program Length: 1/60
Format: HD
Version: Pledge
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
SAP: None
Short Description: A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim” filmed in May 2016 at The Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver, CO. Collins will take the audience through Sondheim’s remarkable treasure-trove of music, interweaving stories of Broadway with her personal anecdotes.

“I have loved the songs and the shows of Stephen Sondheim since recording "Send in the Clowns" in my album Judith in 1974. My version of the great Sondheim ballad has garnered a Grammy, the top ten slot in Billboard twice in a decade, and is still played on the radio all over the world. Ever since the success of "Send in the Clowns" I have longed to sing the rest of Sondheim's greatest songs.

Now, I have the opportunity do to that. These songs glow with familiarity and inhabit the rooms and vistas of all our lives, scenes and melodies from "Little Night Music," "Sweeney Todd," "Sundays in the Park with George," "Company," "Merrily We Roll Along" and "Into the Woods."
I pray to do justice to these great songs, and to their composer, one of our National Treasures, Stephen Sondheim.”
Judy Collins’

All orchestrations are by Jonathan Tunick, who has been orchestrating Stephen Sondheim’s musicals for decades. Tunicks’s orchestration was used by Collins for “Send in the Clowns, ” bring Sondheim his only chart topping song in his esteemed history. Collins is joined on the program by the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Glen Cortese.

Broadcast Rights: Unlimited
School Rights: 1YR
Non-Commercial Rights: Y
VOD Rights: Yes
VOD Rights Type: Concurrent w/broadcast rights
Rights Period: 18-Nov-16 to 17-Nov-18
Available: Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers
Producer: Katherine DePaul
P.O.Box 1296
New York, NY 10025
Date Produced: May 2016
Funding: Joan & Tom Moran
Mutual of America
The David Geffen Foundation
Gordon & Lulie Gund Fund
The Greater Cincinnati Fund
The Alec Baldwin Foundation
Martin Guitars
Mike Bloomberg
Kors Le Pere Foundation
Susan Brody
Virginia Dwan
Bill & Judith Moyers
Peter Yarrow
Cleopatra Records
Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes
Website: none