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   Our Program Service: Friendly, low hassle
   The NETA Program Service wants to enrich public television
    by delivering one-of-kind documentaries and diverse informational
    series to every PTV station in the country. 
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   The Program Council: Peer support
    Every content manager, every programming professional at every
    NETA member station has a seat on the Program Council. (See list) 
    Besides meeting at national conferences, the Council also convenes
    periodic conference calls to discuss timely topics of national interest.

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 Professional Development: Info exchange

  Maryland Public Television is launching an exciting new program
  initiative called THE AMERICAN OUTDOORS

  If your station produces outdoor programming, or if you're on
  the lookout for sources of new programming, watch the
  webinar and download the slides from our


  Program Council
  Executive Committee
   Jason Viso, LPB

   William Dotson, WUCF

       Member at large 
   Mary Gardner, OPB
       Member at large 
   Craig Lanham, West Virginia
   Public Broadcasting

       Member at large 

   Michael Murphy, KCPT

       Member at large

   Elissa Orlando, WXXI

       Member at large

   Aaron Pruitt, MontanaPBS

       Member at large



  Programming Staff
      Gayle Loeber, Director
      Programming & Information
      Bob Petts, Manager
      Program Development
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NETA Program Council Representatives

KUAC Carolyn Hall
Alabama Public Television Dorothy McDonald
AETN Kathy Atkinson
KLCS Sabrina Thomas Fair
PBS SoCal Pat Petric
WETA Tim Dombro
WDSC Andy Chalnick
WEDU Jack Conely
WEFS Phil Wallace
WFSU Sara Schuetz
WGCU Toby Cooke
WLRN Alan Tomlinson
WSRE Mike Rowan
WUCF Bill Dotson, at-large
WUSF Susan Geiger
WXEL Joanne Cole-Fulop
WPBA Dustin Lecate
Idaho Public Television Ron Pisaneschi
Iowa Public Television Becca Ketcherside
WEIU Andrea McKenna
Lakeshore Public Media Carrie Kuck
WNIT Diane Marlow
KET Craig Cornwell
WKYU Linda Oldham
LPB Jason Viso, chair
WLAE Richard King
WYES Beth Utterback
WGBH Ron Bachman
WGBY Lynn Page
Maryland Public Television Zvi Shoubin
WGVU Ed Spier
WKAR Marge Mooney
KSMQ Suzi Stone
Twin Cities Public Television Tom Holter
KCPT Michael Murphy, at large
KETC / Nine Network Patti Kistler
KMOS Michael O'Keefe
Ozarks Public Television Tom Carter
Mississippi Public Broadcasting Shirley Mixon
MontanaPBS Aaron Pruitt, at-large
UNC-TV Bryan Sodemann 
Prairie Public Broadcasting Steve Wennblom
Nebraska Television Terry Dugas
New Hampshire PTV Hazel Molin
KENW Jenifer Baca
New Mexico PBS Denise Mills, at-large
KRWG Norma Vechot 
Vegas PBS Cyndy Robbins
Mountain Lake PBS Paul King
Thirteen/WNET/WLIW/NJ TV Kent Steel
WMHT Paul Hoagland
WPBS Joline Furgison
Irene Fink
Elissa Orlando, at-large
CET Connect Vacant
Think TV Jim Wiener
Western Reserve Public Media Don Freeman
WOSU Stacia Hentz
WOUB Mark Brewer
RSU Public Television (KRSC) Jennifer Sterling
OETA Holly Emig
OPB Mary Gardner, at-large
WLVT Tyler Glenn
Penn State Public Broadcasting Greg Petersen
WQLN Tom New
Rhode Island PBS Kathryn Larsen
South Carolina ETV Kerry Feduk
South Dakota Public Broadcasting Bob Bosse
Nashville Public Television Justin Harvey
WCTE Desiree Duncan
East Tennessee PBS / WETP Russ Manning
WKNO Debi Robertson
WLJT-DT Katrina Cobb
HoustonPBS Capella Tucker
KAMU Jon Bennett
KEDT Jeff Felts
KERA Bill Young
KLRU Maria Rodriguez
KNCT Steve Benger
Basin PBS (KPBT) Barbara Crane
KTTZ (f/k/a KTXT) Michelle Dillard
KBYU Diena Simmons
KUED James Davie
UEN /KUEN Kyle Anderson
Blue Ridge PBS (WBRA) Sherry Spradlin
WCVE / Ideastations John Felton
WHRO Heather Mazzoni
WVPT David Mullins
WTJX Gwen Kelly
Vermont PBS Kelly Luoma
KSPS Cary Balzer
Milwaukee Public Television Kat Worzalla
Wisconsin Public Television Garry Denny
Wisconsin ECB Vacant
West Virginia PBS Craig Lanham, at-large
Wyoming PBS (KCWC) Ruby Calvert

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