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Papers & Presentations from NETA 2004 in New Orleans:
       Alphabetical order by presenter/author --
   Educational DTV Datacasting for Non-Engineers    (Note: Use Internet Explorer, not Netscape)
   Michael Beach, Chief Technology Officer, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
   The Technology behind "No Child Left Behind" (PowerPoint, 238 KB)
   Brian Callahan, WHRO/Norfolk
   Iowa Public Television and Teacherline  (PowerPoint, 172 KB)
   Jeannie Campbell, Ass't Director of Education, Iowa Public Television
   ETV  Branding Case Study (and Work in Progress) (PowerPoint, 742 KB)
   Reba Campbell, South Carolina ETV
   Statewide Partnerships (PowerPoint, 250 KB)  from the CPB Education Leadership Academy
   Jeannie Campbell, Ass't Director of Education, Iowa Public Television
  Surviving in the "New World Order" (PowerPoint, 465 KB)
   Larry Crum, WHRO/Norfolk
   Training Teachers to Use Your Digital Resources (PowerPoint, 254 KB) from "How The Best Get Better"
   Linda Hanson, Wisconsin ECB
   PBS NGIS Update (PowerPoint, 5.1 MB)
   Jim Kutzner, Chief Engineer, PBS Enterprise Technology
  * Due to this file's size, please request the presentation by emailing Maryanne Freeman at NETA (mail)
   Jazzing Up Your Outreach (PowerPoint, 751 KB)
   Kristy Nyp, Smoky Hills Public Television
   INPUT 2004 in Barcelona  (PDF file, 348 KB)
   Amy Shumaker, SCETV
  How to Advance Your Career in Public Broadcasting (PDF file, 20 KB)
    Eric Smith and Judy Weaver, NETA Consulting
   About INPUT 2005 in San Francisco  (PDF file, 226 KB)
   Judy Tam, ITVS
   Education and DTV Datacasting   (PDF file, 952 KB)
   Gomer Thomas, Triveni
   Homeland Security  (PDF file, 932 KB)
   Gomer Thomas, Triveni
   Grant-Seeking Process: Success Stories  (PowerPoint, 736 KB)
   Meegan White, Director, Member Services, APTS
  Digital glossary for you Digital Glossary - a 40-page compendium, prepared by Mary Kadera/PBS. (260 KB rtf file)
  Digital glossary for you Public TV Acronyms & Abbreviations - The "alphabet soup" online at

Planned Giving Now - go here Planned Giving Now - a system resource created by KQED, KUED, OPB, WITF and WNET.

White Papers, Presentations, and PowerPoints on file
(See lists below)
      Alpha by title .....
   Carpe Technology
André Mendes, PBS - June '03 (ppt)
  Effectiveness of Educational TV on
  Student Learning

  Brandon Barnes, KERA 1998  (pdf)
  Enhanced Interconnection Project
  André Mendes, PBS - June '03 (ppt)
   Election Coverage Best Practices
   Program Council - June '02  (pdf)
   Five Strategies For Meeting
    No Child Left Behind's Challenges
   ESchool News Online - March '03 (pdf)
   Fundraising Performance Index
   Robert Altman, PBS  Oct '02 (pdf)
   Learning from Television: What Research Says
   Wilbur Schramm/Godwin Chu, 1967 (pdf)
   Program Acquisitions Survey Results
   Jim Wiener, ThinkTV Feb '03 (pdf)
   Public Broadcasting in the United States
   Wick Rowland, KBDI  (pdf)
   Public TV General Manager of the Future
   Bornstein & Associates, 2003  (pdf)
   Rocky Road to DTV
   David Liroff, WGBH - June '03 (ppt)
   State of the Station example report
   KCPT/Kansas City - Nov '02 (pdf)
   Station Success Stories
   NFPTE Dallas Meeting - October '02 (pdf)
  Download FREE Acrobat Reader here.
  Special to the System:
   "The Biloxi Papers"
  CEOs and GMs write about the future
   of public television.
  (Link to papers)
   Originally collected by the National Forum
   for Public Television Executives (2000)  
































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