The NETA Business Center - Your Smart Partner

  The Business Center was created in 1999 to serve public
  broadcasters and related projects and organizations.
Through the Business Center, a number of stations have been
  able to outsource their financial management activities
  CPB paperwork, budget creation, payroll, financials for
  board meetings, and more.

  This helps stations save money and provides access to
  highly relevant knowledge and skills that would be hard
  to find in their hometowns
  In the last year, the Business Center saved our clients
  over $1.5 million by cutting costs and streamlining processes. 
  We would be pleased to help strengthen your financial
  position in the coming year.
  Extra: NETA's APSO Health Insurance Initiative
  with The Association Benefits Solution, a unit of National General
  Insurance. This is a new way to provide your employees with
  better healthcare coverage at lower costs.  More>
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  For more information, contact Anita Sims at 803-978-1563
  or by email:


   Financial Functions
   Grant Compliance
   Cash flow
   Budget Planning
   Tax and Grants Reports
   Annual Audit Preparation
   Payroll Administration
   Employee Benefits  
   Benefits Cost Analysis
   Annual 990 Returns
   Annual 5500 Reports
  NETA is a member of the
  Institute of Management
  Accountants (IMA)
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