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The NETA Business Center can help you see --clearly and reliably --where your money is going, what the cash flow situation is, and can advise you on how to plan and invest for your station or project's future.
Through the Business Center, you can outsource your financial management activities: accounting, budget, financial reports, payroll, audits, board presentations, CPB reports, annual filings, grant compliance, and more.

Beyond financial management support, the Business Center also offers it services in the human resources area, including benefits administration, employee health insurance, ACA compliance, and employee handbook updates.
Using the Business Center reduces your costs, insures business continuity, and secures for you the support of a dedicated team with relevant skills and experience that may be hard to match in your home town.

The Business Center has served public broadcasters and related projects and organizations since 1999.           

Business Center services are customized for each client.
For more information, contact NETA's executive vice president and Business Center director, Anita Sims, at 803-978-1563 or by email:   anita@netaonline.org

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