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A Better Health Care Insurance Option
for Public Broadcasters Everywhere

One of any broadcaster's largest expenses is health care insurance for your people.
As coverage prices continue to rise, every station is compelled to adjust its plan designs, balancing benefits and affordability. The results are rarely satisfactory.
starting now, that changes for the better. 
NETA is public broadcasters' liaison in the Alliance of Professional Service Organizations (APSO) program, a tested national insurance platform with valuable ancillary benefits.
Read more here: (2 page PDF)

Good News for Budgets: YOU CAN START ANY TIME.
You do not have to wait for your station's
renewal or enrollment date to change.


Questions, or to discuss the plan with the NETA Business Center:

       Steve / Phone: 803-978-1589
       Anita / Phone: 803-978-1563
       Luan Doan: / Phone: 516-855-1010




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