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                   - Media library booking
  Contact Greg Tillou at 803-978-1574
  Or contact Alex Flamos at 803-799-6930
  Media Booking Fees
  For NETA members (see list)
  $ 15 for a 30:00 program
  $ 20 for a 60:00 program
  $ 25 for a 90:00 program
   For all others
  $ 20 for a 30:00 program
  $ 30 for a 60:00 program
  $ 40 for a 90:00 program
  Example: A 13-part series of half-hour programs would be 13 x the 30:00 rate.  
  Library Contacts
  Greg Tillou
  Director of Operations
  Alex Flamos
  Operations Assistant
  NETA pays shipping
  up to the cost of UPS 3-day.
  Need it faster, sooner?
  Provide your FedEx or UPS
  account number for overnight,
  weekend, or priority shipment.
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