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   people with ideas and by
   delivering high-quality
   educational services, responsive
   to the mission of our members.
             - Board of Directors
               June 1998

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       NETA headquarters in Columbia, SC 
"About NETA" is really about public television.
     The National Educational Telecommunications Association is a professional association that serves public
     television licensees and educational entities in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. 
     Since 1967, our reason for existing has been to connect public television people and ideas,
     by providing quality programmingeducational resourcesprofessional development,
     management support, and national representation.

                  NETA's history: 1997 - present
                  SECA: the original organization 1967 - 1997

    NETA's members are public broadcasters: 94 of them, representing 97 licensees operating in 43 states,
    the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

                  View a map of NETA Members

                  See list of NETA corporate information documents at left.
     Membership in NETA brings benefits:  professional development for member staff people, the NETA
     program service and education center,  program distribution to every public television station in the US,
     national representation, and information support across a network of peers.
NETA is governed by a board of directors composed of the general manager or designee from each member
    licensee and an elected representative from each of the eight professional councils and one elected
    representative from the affiliate members. NETA's unique board structure gives each member's concerns
    an equal hearing. In the aggregate, NETA's board represents almost half of the public television licensees.        
  Board Chair Ronnie Agnew, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  Vice Chair Tom Rieland, WOSU Public Media/Columbus, Ohio
  Secretary Molly Phillips, Iowa Public Television
  Treasurer Glen Cerny, KRWG/Las Cruces, New Mexico
  Member at large Mary Anne Alhadeff, North Texas Public Media (KERA)/Dallas
  Member at large Gene Purcell, Educational Communications Board, Madison, WI
  Past Chair JoAnn Urofsky, WUSF/Tampa, Florida 

FY 2017 Executive Committee press release

     Members of the NETA board of directors and staff represent the interests of NETA members on all public
     broadcasting boards and committees.
     Other Activities & Services
     NETA also administers other activities, organizations, and consortia in support of the public broadcasting
       The NETA Business Center saves licensee staff time and money by handling payroll, employee benefits,
     audit preparation, and CPB-AFR filing. Their services are available to any public media organization.
     (Business Center Web)
     NETA Consulting, formed in 2003, provides executive search, management services and more to public
     broadcasting. The company, headed by Judy (Stone) Weaver and Eric C. Smith, has a roster of veteran
     consultants.  (Link to NETA Consulting)
     The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE), formally organized in 1986, is an interstate
     collaborative composed of CEOs of public television agencies licensed to individual states, working on
     common concerns, and pooling resources for the common good.  (Link to OSBE)
     The Public Television Affinity Group Coalition (AGC) is, as its name implies, an association of groups
     working together to advance public television's service to the American people.  The Small Station Association,
     the Major Market Group, the Beta group (which represents stations in overlapped markets), OSBE and NETA
     are Coalition members. The Joint Licensee group, the University Licensees group and representatives of APTS,
     CPB, and PBS take part as well.    (PTV-AGC Web)

     NETA is headquartered in Columbia, SC.  Come visit.

     updated July 29, 2016
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