Our newest program offers
Richard Glazier:  From Broadway to Hollywood
The stories behind Broadway, film and television songs
Feeds Saturday, July 27 @ 1030 - 1130ET/HD04 sIX
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Thomas Paine's To Begin The World Over Again
A rousing dose of "Common Sense" Feeds Saturday June 29 @ 1200 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Variety Studio:  Actors on Actors - 1000 series
Conversations between today’s biggest stars
Block feeds Friday June 21 @ 1400 - 1600ET/HD04 sIX
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Workin' Man Blues
The dust bowl roots of country music
Feeds Friday, August 2 @ 1300 - 1330ET/HD04 sIX
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From Ragtime to Reel Time - Richard Glazier in Concert
Classic Hollywood songs and insider stories
Feeds Saturday, July 13 @ 1030 - 1130ET/HD04 sIX
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The Long View
Creating solutions to school inequality
Feeds Saturday August 24 @ 1630 - 1800ET/HD04 sIX
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Mr. Tanimoto's Journey
A Japanese-American citizen fights the loss of his constitutional rights
Feeds Saturday July 27 @ 1130 - 1200ET/HD04 sIX
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Stories in Thread
Hmong Story Cloths for remembrance
Feeds Saturday July 20 @ 1030 - 1100ET/HD04 sIX
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Illusions in Stone
Emeralds – hope, danger and desire
Feeds Saturday July 27 @ 1200 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlap - 100 series
Learning the techniques of the masters
Block feeds Tuesday July 16 @ 1030 - 1700ET/HD04 sIX
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