Our program distribution service has national reach.
   NETA offers a simple, nation-wide program distribution service
   to our members, to other public television stations, and to
   independent producers.
   [See: For Producers]   

For our members, there is no charge for standard-definition program
   distribution. It's a benefit of your NETA membership. 
   For others, such as independent producers, or producers at non-member
   stations, a nominal handling fee is involved.                               
Send us your program.
Download this -->     "Tell us about your program,"
   a one-page form and send it to us along with your DVD or a link to
   your program. We'll screen it and let you know about next steps.

    NETA Guidelines
    for Producers
   NETA Media Producers
   Technical Evaluation Guide


   Perfect Program
   Packaging Outline
   Technical Operating
   Standards  ("The TOS")
   Underwriting Credit FAQ
   The PBS Red Book
   for producers
   Questions? We're here.
   Gayle Loeber, Director
   Bob Petts
   Program Development Manager
  The NETA Program Service delivers 1,200+ program-hours a year
  via the public TV interconnection to every public TV licensee across the
  country, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  (See this list of our latest program offers.)
  Some of our programs are included in the CREATE and WORLD program
  services as well.
  Program support?
  Absolutely. Go here for more details.
  And at NETA,  no revenue sharing. Any ancillary income is yours, 100%.

  As a producer, you know how important copyright royalties are.
  NETA works with Ted Hammerman at Intermediary Copyright Royalty
  Services to help you claim the monies due when your program is broadcast
  and carried on cable. (Read more)

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   We believe that diversity is public media's strength.
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