Events & Webinars
Education Metrics with Meaning
Thursday March 28 at 3:00 pm ET/ 12 noon PT - Explore how to create meaningful metrics for the value of public media's work in education.
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Clem & Pledger for FY 2020 Executive Committee
The results are in: AETN's Courtney Pledger has been elected and APT's Roy Clem has been reelected to NETA's executive committee.
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Two public media organizations partner to create multi-channel professional development for the public media system as a whole.
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How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love Facebook Live
Facebook Live has become a very beneficial media tool, whether we like it or not. Just as every click, like, and comment helps us get the word out on a station program or project, so too there is pressure for not screwing up before a live and often judgmental audience who expects you to get the "media" part right, every time. This webinar will help you just starting to experiment with Facebook Live, as well as those looking to come up with more creative, public-media-friendly uses ...
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Library of Congress Primary Sources, Grants & Your Station
From the Archive - Discover how to put the Library of Congress into your education toolbox.
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YOU as Community Convener
From the Archive - Becoming a trusted, essential, important resource to your community - here's how three stations did it successfully.
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From the Archive: Let's look at how learning occurs in contemporary families.
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PLAN TO SCAN - Successful Channel Realignment
From the Archive-- Milwaukee PBS' nationally recognized channel realignment information campaign.
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New Tools of Engagement
From the Archive: A variety of exciting efforts to inspire your own community success story.
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WEDU PBS as Media Outlet for Nonprofits
From the Archive: WEDU PBS is the "media arm for nonprofits" in west central Florida, especially on Give Day, a live, 8-hour community-wide event in their studios.
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Professional Development
Tim Eernisse
Vice President, Education