Events & Webinars
Thursday July 26, 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT - Let's look at how learning occurs in contemporary families.
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PLAN TO SCAN - Successful Channel Realignment
Thursday July 19 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT -- Milwaukee PBS shares their nationally recognized channel realignment information campaign.
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WEDU PBS as Media Outlet for Nonprofits
June 14 - WEDU PBS is the "media arm for nonprofits" in west central Florida, especially on Give Day, a live, 8-hour community-wide event in their studios.
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2018 Election Issues for Public Broadcasters
April 5: Noted attorneys Larry Miller and Brad Deutsch of the Washington law firm Garvey Schubert Barer canvassed  Equal Opportunities, the rule and the exceptions; broadcasting candidate debates, from the FCC and FEC perspectives; station on-air employees running for office; station employees involved in politics; IRS considerations; what is “Reasonable access” for federal candidates; the political file; underwriting by politicians or political organizations.
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How Education Builds Station Cume: Counting Invisible Audiences
March 22: TRAC Media proposes a Total Audience Model to move the measurement of digital, social, viewer services, outreach, education, and broadcast ratings onto a unified playing field.
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Show & Tell
March 8: The NETA SHOW & TELL promotion webinar:  a show case for print or digital marketing promotional pieces such as newsletters, ads, annual reports.
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 Telling Your Stories of Impact-Part 3
March 1: Build on your storytelling skills.
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Pre-NETA Conference Webinar: Storytelling Workshop & An Overview of Edcamp Model
January 2018: A preview of the Storytelling Workshop at the 2018 NETA Conference and an introduction to EdCamp.
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Building Your Digital Presence Using strategy, data, and innovation
Building Your Digital Presence Using strategy, data, and innovation
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Let's Get Social
What social media platforms do teachers use in and outside the classroom.  How can YOUR STATION best connect with teachers on social media? Good questions, and we have just the people to unpack them for you.
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Professional Development
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