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Feb 12 CPB Compliance: Be Prepared
with Bob Winteringham

Management Resources Council
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Feb 26 "Nothing About Us Without Us"
Culturally Sensitive Engagement

Community Engagement Council
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March 26


Evaluation 201
Education Center       (Go to Evaluation 101 here.)
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March 31 Summer Learning Activities
Community Engagement Council
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April 23 Crowd Funding
Community Engagement Council
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June 25 Special Events
Community Engagement Council
Registration TBA
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2014 NETA Conference presentations
        Powerpoints and videos recorded in Dallas
2014 NETA Awards Roadshow
         professional development delivered to your door.
  Recent Webinars
  NETA Councils
  The framework for NETA professional development is a constellation
  of discipline-based councils: community engagement, communication,
  development, education, technology, production, programming and, our
  most recent addition - management resources. 
  Click through for your council, or contact the NETA liaison: 

  Councils help designs the annual conference content, produce periodic
  conference calls on timely topics, and acts as a sounding board on
  matters of system importance.    

  Skills & Tools for Our Members
  There is usually a conference call, a seminar, or a workshop on tap
  for public television professionals, no matter where you are in the
  organization chart. See the Webinar archive (above) for the latest.       
Our annual meeting is a gathering of public broadcasting people from
  stations, national organizations, and related companies.  The agenda is
  typically packed with informative presentations, thoughtful discussions,
  peer networking, demonstrations of new media, and great speakers.
  The NETA Awards
   NETA's members produce some of the finest work in promotion,
   program production, outreach, and instructional media. We have proof!
   Just look at the latest set of winners!
   The yearly Call for Entries nets 250+ projects, and the winners
   are announced at the NETA Conference in October.
 Think about ...
  What happens, if you invest
  in training your people and
  then they leave?
  What happens, if you don't,
  and they stay?

  Putting your staff in contact
  with opportunities to learn more,
  connect more, will always pay
  off, now and in the future.

           - NETA Professional Development


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