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Thursday October 12 at 3:00 PM ET / 12 Noon PT


Since 1977, producers and broadcasters from around the globe have gathered once a year in different countries to discuss and debate the most thought-provoking public media in the world at INPUT.
INPUT, the international public television conference, was founded on the principle that every culture is valuable and deserves respect and recognition. It stimulates an increased awareness of cultural, societal, and national sensibilities as it relates to public television programming from around the world.
South Carolina ETV's Amy Shumaker, the U.S. INPUT national coordinator, and Nashville Public Television's Will Pedigo, the INPUT conference facilitator, want to tell you more about this amazing, affordable professional development event that is coming to Brooklyn next spring.  This is the first time INPUT has been back in the States in 13 years, hosting people like you from 60-100 countries.
Producers, programmers, communications and engagement professionals,
here's your chance to see  why INPUT is a worthwhile experience. Amy and Will plan to give you a sampling of INPUT sessions so you'll understand why INPUT is not some superficial film festival or eclectic producer junket, but a very important event that YOU should attend.

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