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Thursday January 11 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT

There are more than 20 professional development sessions at the
2018 NETA Conference,January 22-24 in Washington, DC. We want to highlight two of them of special interest to you: the Storytelling Workshop and the EdCamp pre-conference session.   
First, a preview of the Storytelling Workshop, an introduction to the power of using storytelling to connect to your community. You’ll be introduced to techniques that can reframe the impactful stories you are already telling to center on the journey of a singular protagonist. You'll see how simple edits can make large changes and carry your audience further, and show real examples of story in action. This part will end with brainstorming to prepare you for the in-person workshop at the NETA Conference, Tuesday January 23 at 3:45 PM.

Then, an overview of Edcamp, the participant-driven professional development model, so you can get the most of the pre-conference session, “Energized & Empowered: Using the PBS Edcamp model to build and inspire collaboration.” This presentation will focus on how you can use this experience to drive your own professional growth and create connections with your colleagues across the system.

Who's on board for this webinar?  Stephanie Chavara, a teaching artist and facilitator, Betsy Peisach, vice president of education at Maryland Public Television, along with Jennifer English, PBS senior director of partnerships and station relations, children's media and education, and Rachel Morrison Parsons, PBS director of children's media and education.

   In this double-decker presentation, here's what's in store:
   From the Storytelling Workshop preview
  • How to edit/frame stories to highlight the most impactful protagonist
  • Re-framing techniques for go-to stories
  • Discovering new stories from previous station work
    From the PBS EdCamp introduction
  • Provide an orientation to EdCamp and prepare you to make the most of the EdCamp session at the NETA Conference, January 22 at 9:45 AM
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