Main Office

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 50008, Columbia, SC 29250

Office Location: 939 South Stadium Road, Columbia, SC 29201

Main Phone Number: 803-799-5517

Main Fax Number: 803-771-4831

Business Center Fax Number: 803-779-5553

NETA Staff:  Who's who


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Eric Hyyppa, President 803-978-1581
Maria Rodillo, Executive Assistant & Board Liaison 803-978-1584


Education & Professional Development

NETA learning communities, webinars, and annual conference content

Tim Eernisse, Vice President, Education  803-978-1597
Conference Services

Meetings and annual conference registrar, venue contracts

Tinia Milhouse, Senior Director, Conference Services 803-978-1585



Satellite feeds and tape library bookings

Greg Tillou, Senior Director, Network Operations 803-978-1574
Alex Flamos, Operations Assistant 803-799-6930


Program Service

General audience content & pledge programming, program submissions, producer coaching, and the annual NETA Awards

Gayle Loeber, Vice President, Content 803-978-1573
Bob Petts, Director, Content & Digital Strategy 803-978-1566


Business Center

Outsourced accounting functions, financial reporting, grant compliance, audit support, and more. Click here for more information

Anita Sims, Executive Vice President, Business Center Director  803-978-1563


Karen Button, Senior Controller 803-978-1587
Larry Dankner, Senior Controller 803-978-1590
Albernel Jones,  Senior Controller 803-978-1561
George Walter, Senior Controller 803-978-1591
Susan Anderson, Controller 803-978-1598
Kathy Bare, Controller 803-978-1595
Teish Ferrari, Controller 803-978-1596
Franchesca Fomby, Controller 803-978-5235
Kristy Galloway, Controller 803-978-1572
Neal Kittredge-Boles, Lead Controller 803-978-1588
Steven Mandel, Controller 803-978-1589
Tamra Swiderski, Controller & Business Center Office Manager 803-978-1582
Clarissa Turner-Bradley, Controller 803-978-1577


Sean Bates, Senior Staff Accountant 803-978-1580
Dionne Davis-Frazier, Staff Accountant 803-978-1569
Barbara Dunnigan, Senior Lead Accountant 803-978-1564
Ri Fisher, Staff Accountant 803-978-1571
Iris Lo, Senior Accountant 803-978-1575
Stacy Marcus, Staff Accountant 803-978-1583
Donna Ninesling, Staff Accountant / Payroll Coordinator 803-978-1568
Christina Palmer, Staff Accountant 803-978-1562


Payroll & HR
Jennifer Dennis, Payroll Coordinator 803-978-1592
Mark Everett, Senior HR Specialist 803-978-1586
Sarah Tennyson-Halliday, Senior Payroll Coordinator 803-978-1576
Donna Ninesling, Payroll Coordinator/Staff Accountant 803-978-1568


Al Drakes, IT Business Manager 803-978-1560
Heather Hankins, IT Assistant 803-978-1593


Maria Rodillo, Executive Assistant & Board Liaison 803-978-1584
Casey Sims, Administrative Assistant 803-978-1567
Maryanne Schuessler, Senior Internal Administrator 803-978-1579