Thursday December 7 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT

With the never-ending emergence of digital products and platforms, it can be a challenge to organize a meaningful social, digital and engagement strategy that has a positive impact for your brand and your audience.
In this webinar you'll hear the tactics three stations have implemented to meet this challenge.
  • Tabitha Safdi from South Carolina ETV will talk about the process of creating a Digital Strategic Team and how they were able to create station wide and executive team buy-in for their goals.
  • Olivia Wong, former publicist and social media lead for Masterpiece, will talk about social media strategy, making use of assets, and tracking data.
  • Angela Massino, social media manager for WCVE/Richmond, will share several digital engagement campaigns and strategies implemented at her station and walk you through the questions she asks herself when developing a campaign to determine the goal, audience, platform, and posting strategy.

Jennifer Amend, marketing and outreach director at Wyoming PBS and vice chair of NETA's Communication Council executive committee, is producing this webinar.

  NETA's BUILDING DIGITAL PRESENCE webinar:  Thursday 12/07 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT.

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