Wouldn't you like to know more about your audience, your donors, your sponsors?

“Build Better Focus Groups” helps people at small stations -- or stations who have never tried focus groups before --to learn about their station’s place in the community. With a strategically constructed focus group, development learns more about their donors, marketing/communication learns more about their viewers, underwriting learns more about their sponsors, programming learns about their audience. Overall each part of the station gains insight to their respective piece of the puzzle to provide a better service to the community.


Sounds good! For this informative and very interactive session, we have two MarComm experts:
     Barbara Gordon,
director of audience and market research, WNET/New York Public Media
     Jennifer Vides, vice president, marketing & communications, PBSSoCal
and Alyson Trevino, creative director at Basin PBS, will anchor the presentation.

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Photo credit:"Under Construction 3," by Edna Winti  License: Flickr (CC BY NC-SA 2.0)