Let's Do Business Together.

Through the Business Center, you can outsource your financial management activities: accounting, budget, financial reports, payroll, audits, board presentations, CPB reports, annual filings, grant compliance, and more.

Beyond financial management support, the Business Center also offers it services in the human resources area, including benefits administration, employee health insurance, ACA compliance, and employee handbook updates.

Using the Business Center reduces your costs, insures business continuity, and secures for you the support of a dedicated team with relevant skills and experience that may be hard to match in your home town.

The Business Center has served public broadcasters and related projects and organizations since 1999.

Let's Do Business Together.




"The NETA Business Center has been wonderful for KCPT. We get best practice accounting, audit, payroll services and also savings which we reinvest in services that make us more valuable to our metro. Every station should be taking a look at this service."

Kliff Kuehl, KCPT / Kansas City


Our decision to engage the NETA Business Center to manage the financial affairs of the Digital Convergence Alliance has proven to be invaluable. The professionalism of the staff, their attention to detail and astute management support have enhanced the opportunity for success the DCA is certain to enjoy, and I believe it is because they share our passion for public broadcasting

Michael T. Boylan, Digital Convergence Alliance


It's a pleasure to work with the professional staff at NETA. They are dedicated to WNIT and function as another member of our team, but one with multiple specialties and a tremendous understanding of the industry.

Steven Funk, WNIT / South Bend


Business Center Contact
Anita Sims,
Executive Vice President and NETA Business Center Director​


Our Clients
  • Basin PBS / Midland
  • Blue Ridge PBS / Roanoke
  • FM 88.KMBH-FM/Harlingen
  • Friends of MontanaPBS
  • Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting / Brookings
  • KCOS / El Paso
  • KCPT & KTBG The Bridge/ Kansas City
  • KEDT / Corpus Christi
  • KEET / Eureka
  • KLRN / San Antonio
  • KMBH 88.5 FM / Harlingen
  • KNPB / Reno
  • KRCB / Rohnert Park
  • KSMQ / Austin
  • Mississippi Public Broadcasting Foundation / Jackson
  • New Hampshire PBS
  • Rocky Mountain PBS / Denver
  • South Florida PBS / Miami & West Palm Beach
  • South Carolina ETV
  • Southern Oregon Public Television / Medford
  • Valley PBS / Fresno
  • WCVE / Richmond
  • WJCT / Jacksonville
  • WNIT / South Bend
  • WVPT / Harrisonburg
  • WXXI & The Little Theater / Rochester
  • WYES / New Orleans
  • WyomingPBS Foundation / Riverton
Organizations & Production Projects
  • Affinity Group Coalition
  • Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles Productions
  • Breakout Network: The Civilian-Military Divide
  • Curved Light Productions
  • David Meinz: How To Have 100 Healthy Birthdays
  • Digital Convergence Alliance
  • Executive Program Services
  • James Agee Film Project: The Truth About Trees
  • Joint Licensee Group
  • National Parks of NY Harbor Conservancy
  • Public Radio Association of Development Officers (PRADO)
  • Public Television Major Market Group
  • Race Forward and the Center for Social Inclusion
  • Riley's American Heritage Farm: Courage, New Hampshire
  • Small Stations Association
  • Texas Public Broadcasting Association
  • University Licensees Association