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The 2014 NETA Award Winners

Community Engagement
Alabama Public Television

"The Watsons Go To Birmingham: 1963"
(community engagement based on a local project)
KUED Women and Girls Lead
(community engagement based on a national project)
Mountain Lake PBS Career Crosswalks
(engagement innovation)

Nine Network of Public Media Stay Tuned (engagement innovation)
WSRE PBS Kids Imagination Station
(community engagement based on a local project)

Content Production
KET Jubilee (performance)
Milwaukee Public Television
Around the Corner with John McGivern (local culture)
Montana PBS 11th & Grant with Eric Funk (performance)
Nashville Public Television NPT Reports: Aging Matters – End of Life (documentary)
Nine Network of Public Media
Health, Money and Politics: Missouri’s Medicaid Debate
(news and public affairs)

OETA Sketchin’ & Skatin’: The Many Faces of Hector Lopez (short form)
RSU Public Television Green Country People & Places (local culture)
WNET/Thirteen ANNIE: It’s the Hard-Knock Life, From Script to Stage (documentary)

Instructional Media
CET Connect Learning for the Mobile Age (teacher/professional learning)
Nashville Public Television Art Quest: Art is All Around You (broadcast)
WNET/Thirteen "The Hollow Crown" poster (teacher resource)
WNET/Thirteen TED Talks Education (broadcast)
Western Reserve Public Media More than Rhyme: Poetry Fundamentals (teacher resource)
Wisconsin ECB Kate Newcomb: Doctor of the North Woods (discrete learning object)
Wisconsin ECB
Into the Book New Interactives
(online resource)

KET Making A Difference: Richie Kessler (single video)
KLRU Arts in Context: Clothes Stories (special event)
KMOS The National Churchill Museum
(video campaign)
KUED Day of Honor (special event)
NET Nebraska’s Capitol Masterpiece
(multi-media campaign)
Ozarks Public Television Tent Theatre – 50 Fabulous Seasons (single video)
RSU Public Television UHF 25 Celebration
(special event)
WHRO Volunteers: Works of Heart (video campaign)
Wisconsin ECB The Ways Native Lands map (print design)

NETA Award Winners

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2014 NETA Awards - How To Enter
Note:  Entries were accepted until 5:00 pm ET on Monday April 28. 
         Entries have now concluded.  
         Entry fee increases to $65 after 5:00 PM Eastern time on Friday April 11.
         No entry fees will be refunded.        
Your entry materials must be received at NETA by Wednesday April 30 at 5:00 PM Eastern time. 

No entries are accepted after 5:00 PM Eastern on Monday April 28.


1.  Complete this secure online entry form. [Link]

2.  NETA will email you (the contact person designated on the entry form) a confirmation number for each entry.
3.  Ship your entry and support materials (2 complete sets) to NETA. 
Shipping instructions will be included in the confirmation email from us.
That's it. It's easy. We want you to enter. 
We hope that you'll win.

We will send you an email, confirming your entry along with instructions on where to send TWO complete sets of materials for each entry.

NETA Awards, 939 South Stadium Road, Columbia, SC 29201.
For each entry, send TWO identical sets of clearly labeled materials. 
Each set has
  - Completed entry form, signed by your station's CEO
  - Project narrative
 - the background
 - new work, or extension of existing work?
 - challenges encountered, surmounted
 - strategy
 - unique, innovative aspects
 - results (empirical and/or anecdotal)
  - If your entry includes video --
Send the traditional DVDs or furnish us with an online link to Vimeo, YouTube, wherever.
Our preference is one DVD and one link. This enables judges to review your material in the way that works best for them. Links to online entries must be available to the judges throughout the judging period. (May - August 2014.)   
  - Budget summary: cash, in-kind, underwritten expenses
   Label every component with the title and entry category.
   Unlabeled media will be disqualified.

 $65 per entry after 5:00 pm Eastern Time on April 11 through April 30.  
Payment via MasterCard/VISA or purchase order. 
You may withdraw your entry from competition, but the entry fee will not be refunded. 

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2014 NETA Award Categories

THERE ARE FOUR GENERAL CATEGORIES and one special award for innovation.

Click on the links below for additional information on each one.
Or download a 4 page PDF, listing all the categories.
You may enter as many eligible works as you like, in as many categories.




















  • A-1 Broadcast Program: Any video program or series of programs produced specifically for broadcast on television.  (e.g., GED Connection, Workplace Essential Skills)

  • A-2 Discrete Learning Object: A specific learning objective created for educator or student use (e.g., video clip, interactive, lesson plan that is designed for teaching specific content.) The learning object may exist in a repository such PBS LearningMedia™ or a local portal service, but this is not a requirement.

  • A-3 Online Educational Resource, which stands alone, such as a website, game, or an applications.


  • A-4 Teacher Resource: Items in electronic or print format, such as schedule guides, newsletters, teacher guides, and posters designed specifically for educators.

  • A-5 Professional Learning: Media directed exclusively at educators for their professional growth purposes.

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B-1 Based on National Project recognizes outreach/community engagement campaigns based on --and localized from-- resources provided by a national project.

B-2 Based on Licensee Project recognizes outreach/community engagement campaigns conceived and implemented within the licensee’s station and community, using local resources. Project should show significant, measurable impact on the target community/ies.

B-3 Innovation Engagement recognizes creative, inventive, and/or ground-breaking approaches to outreach. Focus is on new or developing formats, engaging new audiences in unique ways, and pushing the envelope on traditional PTV engagement models.

B-4 Online/Social Media recognizes the use of online platforms and social media (e.g., Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, applications for mobile devices) created to support the station’s community engagement. Note:  judges must be able to either access the material online or from a cached interactive source during the 2014 judging period.

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C-1  News and Public Affairs recognizes local or field-based coverage of news events, town hall meetings, cultural dialogue, state and local government and election coverage, call-ins, interviews,
and sports reporting.

Performance recognizes content created to present music, drama, dance, and comedy.  At least 50 percent of the program must be devoted to live performance.

Local Culture recognizes content created to communicate information of local interest e.g., magazine shows, how-to, travel, medicine and health, sports coverage, craft, food. 

Documentary recognizes content created in documentary form. This includes content that relates the life story of an individual or group; artists and their work; arts organizations and exhibitions; historical events; social, cultural, military, political events; technology, medical science; natural history and wildlife.

Short Form is content created as part of a larger endeavor:  E.g., story segments from magazine series, roll-ins from studio-based specials, interstitials and fillers.

C-6  Commissioned Work is content created "for hire." The production was done by the member station that controlled all technical aspects of production, but the copyright is held by a third party who had editorial control of the content. The final product must be intended for public television broadcast.


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D-1 Multimedia Campaign recognizes the coordinated combination of at least three pieces (member-produced television / radio spots, digital and print materials, events, advertisements, and other items) comprising a single promotional effort in support of program or series or to increase awareness of the member’s identity, services, and objectives.
D-2 Special Event recognizes the planning, promotion, implementation, and results of any station-sponsored event.  
D-3 Print Design recognizes single print items such as brochures, posters, annual reports, special program guide issues or redesigns, advertisements, and press packets created by members to promote awareness, activities, schedules, programs, and series.
D-4 Single Video recognizes individual spots, breaks or interstitials (4 minutes or less) created and broadcast or used online to promote awareness, activities, events, programs, or schedules.
D-5 Video Campaign: a video-only category, up to 3 spots of no more than 2 minutes in length (broadcast or online) that were created to promote a program, activity, event or station image.

D-6  Digital Promotion recognizes the use of social media in all forms to promote awareness,
activities, schedules, programs, and series. Judges must be able to evaluate the media from
screen caps, access the material online, or from a cached interactive source during judging
process (2014).

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2014 NETA Award Eligibility
Only NETA member public television stations (click for current list) and affiliate members of the Education Center may enter the NETA Awards competition.  
ELIGIBILITY PERIOD:  January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

Work created / published and/or events that occurred between these dates are eligible for award consideration.
ANY NUMBER of entries in any category may be submitted.
Content produced or co-produced by a member station is eligible for this competition.

Except in category C-6 (Commissioned Work), members who submit co-productions must demonstrate that any production outsourcing was "work for hire," with the member responsible for majority funding and editorial control.
For all submissions, the member must have sole or shared copyright.
Awards will be presented to winning entries from members in good standing as of the October 2014 conference dates.   
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