You Worked Really Hard This Year:  You Deserve Some Applause!

t was a hard year, but even in trying times --perhaps because of them?-- you turned on
                           the creative juices and turned out some exemplary work.
                           Getting your just desserts is a piece of cake*.
                           Enter your best projects in promotion, instructional media, outreach/community engagement,
                           and content production for the ultimate sweet satisfaction:  a 2010 NETA Award.  Everything
                           you need, including the entry form, is just a click away (links above.)
                           Check out last year's winners.   Then get busy: your hard work deserves big-time recognition!
Entry Deadline was Tuesday June 1.  Be with us in Nashville this January
        when we celebrate the winners at the 2011 NETA Conference.

        *Disclaimer: NETA Awards are fat free and very good for you. Having more than one is highly encouraged.
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