reativity and inspiration outshine industry gloom.

(January 15, 2009 – Tampa, FL)  The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)
honored 23 public broadcasters with awards Thursday on stage at Tampa Hyatt Regency. In all,
thirty-nine trophies in the areas of program production, promotion, outreach, and instructional media,
were awarded.  The celebratory presentation was part of NETA’s annual conference, held this year
in Tampa, Florida.


The judges selected two endeavors as 2008’s “Best of the Best”:
       - OETA / Oklahoma City:  Gallery: The People’s Art (program production)

       - WETA / Arlington:  The War (outreach)


The 2008 NETA Awards winners are:

KERA  /Dallas: Little Bites, Big Steps (inservice/large market)

Wisconsin ECB / Madison:  Into the Book (instructional media product / large market)
Western Reserve Public Media / Alliance-Kent:  Big or Small: Measure It All (instructional media product / small market)

Thirteen/WNET / New York: What’s Up In Finance? (ITV program / large market)

WLVT / Bethlehem: Pennsylvania Career Gates (ITV series / small market)
Wisconsin ECB / Madison:  Into the Book (teacher resource / large market)



Nashville Public Television: Help Us Help Others (corporate institutional / small market)
NET / Lincoln:  Inspire Nebraska (corporate institutional / large market)

WMHT / Troy:  New York Now (local campaign / small market)
AETN / Conway:  In Their Words (local campaign / large market)

NET / Lincoln:  Crane Song (national promotion / large market)

OETA / Oklahoma City:  Odyssey Program Guide (print design / large market)
WLVT / Bethlehem:  PBS39 Annual Report (print design / small market)
KCPT / Kansas City: Eat Small (single video / large market)

Nashville Public Television:  Joy of Painting (single video / small market)

KSPS / Spokane:  Antiques Roadshow Spokane (special event / small market)

Wisconsin Public Television / Madison:  Quilt Expo (special event / large market)

WETA / Arlington:  The War  (Website / large market)

UEN / Salt Lake City: Water Wise Utah  (community impact / large market)
AETN / Conway:  In Their Words (national campaign / large market)
WSRE / Pensacola:  Gulf Coast War Memories (national campaign / small market)

KCPT / Kansas City:  Generation XL  (local campaign / large market)
KUAC / Fairbanks:  International Polar Year Segments  (local campaign / small market)

MontanaPBS / Bozeman: 11th & Grant with Eric Funk (performance/small market)
OETA / Oklahoma City:  Oklahoma Centennial Spectacular (performance / large market)
Idaho Public Television / Boise:  Barbara Morgan: No Limits (biography / large market)

KET / Lexington:  Lincoln: I, Too, Am A Kentuckian (biography / large market) (tie)

AETN / Conway:  Delta Dreams (news and public affairs / large market)

WMHT / Troy:  New York Now (news and public affairs / small market)
KSPS / Spokane:  Secret Mission: Hanford  (historical documentary / small market)
WLRN / Miami: Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami (historical documentary / large market)

OETA / Oklahoma:  Gallery: The People’s Art  (information / large market)

WCTE / Cookeville:  Crank: Darkness on the Edge of Town (information / small market)

Nashville Public Television:  Beautiful Tennessee: Our Scenic Waterways  (science and nature / small market)
NET / Lincoln:  The Price of Water  (science and nature / large market)

Basin PBS / Midland:  Quiz Show (series / small market)
Thirteen/WNET / New York:  Exposé: America’s Investigative Reports (series / large market)


The NETA Awards are annual recognition of member-produced excellence in public broadcasting,
a tradition established more than forty years ago by the pioneering Southern Educational
Communications Association.


NETA is a professional association founded in 1997 to serve public television licensees
and affiliated educational organizations.  The organization has members in 43 states, the District
of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.  NETA is headquartered in Columbia, SC.


See for additional information on the organization and its services.


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